martedì 30 ottobre 2018

Slaves Of Pain die Wut des mexikanischen Metalls

Slaves Of Pain die Wut des mexikanischen Metalls!

DEFOX RECORDS and INVINCIBLE RECORDS are excited to announce "Prayers of the death" the debut album of cult mexican musicians, Death and Thrash Metal band SLAVES OF PAIN.
The release contain ten songs and will be distributed in more than 240 countries worldwide and over 120 digital webstores, including the biggest Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Google Music ...
Scheduled in October 30th 2018.

This musical Project include legendary musicians of band as: Xipe Totec, Miquian and Pyphomgertum. 
Alex Camacho - Vocals, 
Martín Martínez - Guitar and bass, 
Alejandro Ángeles - drums.

domenica 30 settembre 2018

LECHER excellent Brazilian metal

DeFox Records und Heart Of Steel Records sind begeistert, den Metal-Kriegern LECHER ihr Debütalbum mit dem Titel "Castle Of Hallucinations" anzukündigen.
Das Veröffentlichungsdatum ist der 30. September.
Das digitale Album wird auf allen weltweiten Webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam usw. erscheinen. YouTube Music auch.

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are thrilling to announce the metal warriors called LECHER their debut album it's entitled "Castle Of Hallucinations".
The release date is September 30th.
The digital album will be launched on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...YouTube Music also.

Lecher from Sorocaba, Sao Paolo, Brazil were born in 2007, originally the band was formed by Diego Alquezar and Sergio Willian, the intention is to play the aggressive and direct Heavy Metal, with technique and heart.
After several changes of the line-up, joined the band Marcelo '' Zé Bolha '' Machado (formerly Alcoholikiller, Skyrunner) and Juliano Costa (formerly -Prepared to Kill and Warshipper).
Rodolfo Nekathor (ex-Zoltar, Lost Graveyard) joined the band in 2009, reinforcing the band that is now ready.
After a trial period, Rodolfo Nekathor and Sergio Willian left the Lecher and Juliano Costa took down and became the lead singer.
In 2013, Alex Aquino (ex-Fire Diamond, Excalibur, Prepared to Kill, Retaliation and Speed ​​Metal Hell) was invited to enter the line-up, giving back to the band two guitarists and forming a classic quartet.
Today Lecher are considered one of the main forces of the Brazilian national heavy metal.
This year Lecher have signed a promotion agreement with the Steel Metal Press of Sao Paolo, an agency owned by Luis Carlos Domingos, singer and leader of the Krull.

Band line-up:
Juliano Costa - Lead Vocals and Bass
Diego Alquezar - Backing Vocals and Guitars
Alex Aquino - Guitars
Marcelo ''Zé Bolha'' Machado - Drums

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sabato 8 settembre 2018

Ricky de Camargo new release on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more

DeFox Records und Heart Of Steel Records sind stolz, das Debütalbum "Origins" des großartigen brasilianischen Gitarristen Ricky de Camargo ankündigen zu können.

Die Veröffentlichung ist jetzt verfügbar in dem digitalen Album wird auf jedem weltweiten Webstores gestartet werden,  iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are proud to announce the debut album titled "Origins" of amazing brazilian guitar player Ricky de Camargo.
The release is now available in the digital album will be launched on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...

"Origins" is an album that Ricky want to put his feelings into it. It's not a crazy guitar solo album with million note for second, but an album that mix of heavy side at the begin and moving to a lighter side of his guitar playing. It's an album that you can hear without effort cause isn't just crazy instrumental stuffs, but has nice melodies here and there who tries to give you some moments of thinking about whats going on, but also gives you moments of just relaxation and peace.

Song by song:

01 - Stand Your Ground
The concept behind Stand Your Ground is mantain your position, focus and belief. No matter the adversity life brings to you.

02 - Three Days
When I wrote ''Three Days'' I was playing a video game called ''The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask'' where the hero ''Link'' has only Three Days to save the world from a catastrophic Moon Fall.

03 - Black Materia
This a song that I wrote many years ago when I used to play with some friends in a little church in my hometown in Sorocaba, Brazil. We wanted to have a dark and heavy instrumental song. So I came home after our rehearsal and created this song after many hours looking for nice tappings and harmony parts. When I finished the process was late night.

04 - Origins
''Origins'' is song that I wrote last year. I was looking for some instrumental smooth rock type of song. In this tune we had the privilege of have an amazing Brazilian guitar player called Alex Martinho perfoming a very beautiful guitar part. Thanks Alex. You Rock man !

05 - Believe
Everybody I think had a moment in life when everything is not the best or had some troubles and the confidence goes down. I had this kind of problems too. And this song is about don't give up. Cause the life is greater than our problems. So we must carry on.

06 - Digital Fusion
''Digital Fusion'' is a song that I recorded just very quickly. I grab the guitar and play the most crazy solo I can improvise over this harmony. After I had recorded the solo and listened I just have no doubt that there's is a fusion cool kind of sound that I want to have in the album.

07 - Blue Sky
When I started to write ''Blue Sky'' was a beautiful lovely day in my city. Nice weather, a cool autumn breeze. And the sky was incredibly blue. So I took this nice harmony that I already have and started to record. Very cool day !

08 - Toupeira's Paradise
When I was a kid. I had this fun nickname which is ''Toupeira''. What means MOLE in english. I always liked this nickname cause sounds funny ! So when I'm playing my guitar is like i have been in a paradise. The ''Toupeira's Paradise''

09 - Whispering
Imagine that you are playing your guitar or whatever instrument you like in front of a beautiful and calm river surrounded by little birds and a warm wind. That's the inspiration for this song.


Press Bureau:
In collaboration with Steel Metal Press

lunedì 16 aprile 2018

Swiss heavy rock band FELSKINN

Swiss heavy rock band, FELSKINN, feat. Maxxwell, Krokus and Live/Wire members, have released a new music video for 'Rain Will Fall', the song is taken from their debut album, ‘Mind Over Matter‘, out now via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. 
The album was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, PRIMAL FEAR, PRETTY MAIDS). 

The video can be viewed here: 


A truly great debut album that it is a must have for every fan of early Gotthard, Shakra and Krokus. (Heavy Paradise) Felskinn are going to impress you with their fresh and warm version of hard rock/metal. (Myth Of Rock) 

FELSKINN recently released a lyric video for the song ‘Pictures In My Dreams‘: feat. guest stars: Mike Terrana, Mandy Meyer & Jgor Gianola and lyric video for 'Our Favorite Game': 



On the Album, Mike Terrana (RAGE, TARJA TURUNEN) laid down the drum tracks at Hansen Studios in Denmark, recorded by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, PRIMAL FEAR, PRETTY MAIDS). The rest was recorded in Switzerland „with a little help“ of former Bandmates Jgor Gianola (U.D.O, JORN, GOTTHARD) and Mandy Meyer (UNISONIC, KROKUS, GOTTHARD) on lead guitars. 

Andy Portmann – Vocals (Krokus, Ain’t Dead Yet, Meyer/Portmann) 
Cyril Montavon – Guitars (Maxxwell) 
Hef Häfliger – Guitars (Maxxwell) 
Beat Schaub – Bass (Live/Wire) 
Flavio Mezzodi – Drums (Krokus) 


Upcoming Live Shows: 
07. May – Kofmehl, Solothurn, CH 
12. May – Metbar, Lenzburg, CH 
19. May – Kulturwerk 118, Sursee, CH 
26. May – Hall Of Fame, Wetzikon, CH w/ Crystal Ball + King Zebra 
04. July – Schüür, Luzern, CH 

FELSKINN was originally formed by Andy Portmann in 2005. The self titeled debut album was recorded with guest musicians and released in March 2006. The first Song on the Album „170105“ was later re-recorded by Kai Hansen and appeared as „Built A World“ on the 2014 Release „Empire Of The Undead“ by GAMMA RAY and reached the charts at #13 in Germany. 

The band played numerous shows and festivals. In April 2007 the 2nd album „Listen!“ was released, followed again by intensive touring. Due to the „famous“ musical differences the band disbanded in 2008. Portmann started a live project with Mandy Meyer (UNISONIC, KROKUS, GOTTHARD), playing songs from their previous bands. 

In 2010 Portmann formed the FELSKINN follow up band DOWNLOAD and started working on the album „Eleven Stages“, released in April 2014. The live band included the current FELSKINN line up with a different drummer. While working on the next album „Mind Over Matter“, Portmann decided to bring back the band name 


Axel Wiesenauer Rolandstr. 1 73663 Berglen Germany

Dutch melodic death metal band PUREST OF PAIN

Dutch melodic death metal band, PUREST OF PAIN, have released a new music video for ‘Vessels‘ feat. Merel Bechtold (Delain, MaYaN, The Gentle Storm/Anneke van Giersbergen), a track from their debut LP ‘Solipsist‘, which was released on March 1st, 2018. 
The video can be viewed here: 

PUREST OF PAIN launched a successful Indiegogo campaign for the ‘Solipsis’ album. Only one plug-in, and not a single digital effect or synth was used for the recording of ‘Solipsis’. The album was produced by Merel Bechtold. Mixed by Mantis Audio. 
Mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Arch Enemy, Soilwork). Merel Bechtold was responsible for the artwork concept and bass player Frank van Leeuwen designed and finalized the cover. 
PUREST OF PAIN have recently released a lyric video for ‘The Solipsist‘ and a audio video for ‘Terra Nil‘. “Really digging the album, honestly! You guys have managed to blend brutality with groove and emotion in a great way!” Jens Bogren (Opeth, Arch Enemy, Soilwork) 

‘Solipsis’ track listing: 
01. The Pragmatic (1:19) 02. Truth–seeker (2:09) 03. Vessels (2:59) 04. Crown Of Worms (3:42) 05. Momentum (5:05) 06. The Sleep Of Reason (1:33) 07. Tidebreaker (4:16) 08. Trial & Error (4:49) 09. Terra Nil (6:05) 10. Noctambulist (3:38) 11. E.M.D.R. (4:21) 12. Phantom Limb (4:09) 13. The Solipsist (3:52) 14. The End (2:25) 

J.D. Kaye ­ – Vocals 
Merel Bechtold – Guitars (Delain, MaYaN, The Gentle Storm/Anneke van Giersbergen) 
Michael van Eck – Guitars (Vanaheim) 
Frank van Leeuwen – Bass 
Joey de Boer – Drums (Delain)

Led by guitarist and main songwriter Merel Bechtold (DELAIN), who also performs in much-respected bands MAYAN and THE GENTLE STORM, the energetic quintet from Holland, which now includes DELAIN drummer Joey de Boer, is a force to be reckoned with. 
Combining Scandinavian metal influences with groove, ambiance, tone and melody, PUREST OF PAIN has released a lyric video for the second single, "The Solipsist". "Solipsis" was seven years in the making, from the writing process up to the final mastering to launching a successful online crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo (raising over 18,000 euros), along with increasing its funds through live performances, which saw PUREST OF PAINopen for such bands as OPETH, TEXTURES, SUICIDE SILENCE, UNEARTH and ATTACK ATTACK! plus an unforgettable slot at Wacken Open Air in 2014. 

The effort contains 14 tracks of brutality blended with groove and emotion produced by Bechtold with recording done at Mantis Audio Studio (DELAIN) and mastering by Jens Bogren (OPETH, ARCH ENEMY, SOILWORK). Bechtold comments: "'Solipsis' is a guitar-oriented record. It has been recorded as organic as possible: partly at home, partly at Mantis Audio Studio. The song 'E.M.D.R.' is written by fellow guitarist Michael van Eck. All the other songs were summoned by myself. 

The lyrics are written by vocalist J.D. Kaye. And even though the music is at times technical and challenging, it's undeniably driven by relentless groove, enhanced by hugely melodic passages, wonderful tone and moments of ambient clarity." The CD and vinyl versions of "Solipsis" have slightly altered artwork. Bechtold was responsible for its concept and bass player Frank van Leeuwen designed and finalized the covers. 

ROCK’N’GROWL PROMOTION Axel Wiesenauer Rolandstr. 1 73663 Berglen Germany 

domenica 1 aprile 2018

US Power Metal band REVERENCE

US Power Metal band REVERENCE have released a lyric video for 'New Order', the video can be viewed here: 

REVERENCE just have singed a multi album deal for Europe, CIS and UK with ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. 
REVERENCE is working on a live CD and writing on a new full length studio album for an release later this year. REVERENCE will add some summer US shows, and a European tour is being planned for this fall. 

Reverence is: Scott Oliva - Vocals (ex-Wind Wraith, Innerstrength) 
Bryan Holland - Guitars (ex-Tokyo Blade) 
Paul Kleff - Guitars (ex-Firewölfe, Metal Church live) 
Steve ‘Doc Killdrums’ Wacholz - Drums (ex-Savatage/Crimson Glory) 
Russ Pzutto - Bass (Twisted Sister live) 


REVERENCE recently released a EP ‘Foreverence‘ in tribute to their guitarist Pete Rossi, who passed away unexpectedly in March 2017. The EP is the follow-up to 2015’s Gods Of War and will also feature two bonus tracks from their up and coming live CD. All REVERENCE artwork is from Jobert Mello of Sledgehammer graphix. REVERENCE is: Scott Oliva – Vocals (ex-Wind Wraith, Innerstrength) Bryan Holland – Guitars (ex-Tokyo Blade) Paul Kleff – Guitars (ex-Firewölfe, Metal Church live) Steve ‘Doc Killdrums’ Wacholz – Drums (ex-Savatage/Crimson Glory) Russ Pzutto – Bass (Twisted Sister live) 

REVERENCE’s debut album, ‘When Darkness Calls’ was released on Razar Ice Records on May 3rd 2012 to roaring reviews, the band headed across the pond for a UK and Europe 2013 tour and back to the USA for an East Coast run. Upon returning, with only a new four song demo they signed a three album deal with Marquee/Avalon Japan and went on to release their second album ‘Gods Of War’, released on October 21st in Asia through Marquee/Avalon and the rest of the world through Razar Ice Records on November 4th 2015 to more rave reviews from fans and critics alike. On December 22th, 2017 

REVERENCE released their long awaited follow up EP ‘Foreverence‘.

ROCK’N’GROWL PROMOTION Axel Wiesenauer Rolandstr. 1 73663 Berglen Germany

venerdì 30 marzo 2018

UK Glam Rock/Metal band INDYA

UK Glam Rock/Metal band, INDYA, have released a audio video for 'Tha Final Line' feat. Johnny Doom of Kerrang! Radio. 
The song is taken from the new album 'Rebel Music', to be out in the summer of 2018 via HOLIER THAN THOU RECORDS. The album will be out in two versions, one of them features the metal Singer HEDRA (James Brett Marten). 

The video can be viewed here: 


INDAY's forthcoming album 'Rebel Music' was produced by DAVID CHARLES NEEDHAM at Darkhorse Recording Studios, Epsom. 
INDYA is from Brighton UK and was formed in January 2015 lead singer & songwriter Natalie Indya West. After studying Music at The Brit School & being influenced by the likes of Joan Jett, Marilyn Manson, Deep Purple & Madonna she has used these influences within her own suggestive music, arranging her songs into a raunchy spectacle creating a Taboo Rock n Roll style of her own. With teasing drums & Sleazy guitar riffs, think Joan Jett in business with Manson! 

INDYA has an alternative industrious sound oozing sex appeal for all to hear. Finished nicely with a Glam Gloss. Many have commented on the clever interlace of Classic Rock with Glam dirty Metal. The band was named INDYA, meaning "Gorgeous Person" by Natalie. Not only does Indya have an incredible live sound, Indya has this ability to own the stage along with her Gorgeous Glam Girlfriends who often join the singer at gigs! 

INDYA is: 
OZZ MARSHALL - Guitar (Snake Eyes, Alice Cooper, Judas Priest) 
SAVE BLACKJACK - Bass (Tango Pirates) 
JOEL DAY - Drums 
NATALIE INDYA WEST- Lead Singer/ Songwriter 


Indya's first EP called "Strip me Down" had hundreds of airplays on Kerrang Radio, Total Rock, Radio X with raving reviews! Strip Me Down got to no 4 in The rock Invasion charts. Indya has won the hearts of many Rock presenters who love the singers music. 

The EP 'STRIP ME DOWN' was a major success for Indya with over 28,000 downloads, radio play all over the world & reviews including the following: "Indya is the new female royal Blood" - JON HOLMES - RADIO X "These are my ones to watch. She's got a very sleazy sound and looks like Amy Winehouse!" - JOHNNY DOOM - KERRANG! RADIO "Its raw & the ultimate glam rock chick sounds like Joan Jett" - ADAM ONSLAUGHT - TOTAL ROCK RADIO Indya supported the likes of REPUBLICA, SPACE and NOEL GALLAGHERS HIGH FLYING BIRDS in 2017. This year they are supporting THE ROCKET DOLLS on their Brighton tour, and the band will be touring in Sweden 27th - 29th July. 

ROCK’N’GROWL PROMOTION Axel Wiesenauer Rolandstr. 1 73663 Berglen Germany 

giovedì 22 marzo 2018

THE NEW DEAL a project founded in UK

THE NEW DEAL a project founded by UK Oi pioneers Cockney Rejects frontman Jeff Turner and Swedish boogie rock frontman Sulo Karlsson (The Crunch, Diamond Dogs) have released their first single & video for 'Canning Town Beach', on March 10th via Misty Recordings. 

The video can be viewed here: 


'Canning Town Beach' sounds like nothing you would expect these gentlemen would sound together, it's like a postcard from a forgotten London a distant cousin to Ray Davies “Waterloo Sunset”, the roughness of Ian Dury’s “new boots and panties” and the harmonies of the early Small Faces on Carnaby Street. Even if these boys are brought up on early glam and Punkrock you wouldn’t be surprised if the recording date of 'Canning Town Beach' would say 1968. 
The song 'Canning Town Beach' was produced by Kevin Porée. 


THE NEW DEAL is Jeff Turner (Cockney Rejects) Sören Sulo Karlsson (The Crunch, Diamond Dogs) Sören Sulo Karlsson says: "To have that organic sound in the year of 2018 my friends, that’s a New Deal !!". 

ROCK’N’GROWL PROMOTION Axel Wiesenauer Rolandstr. 1 73663 Berglen Germany 

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